My View on Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Health Data Science

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf,  wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” 

– Geoffrey Moore 

Short Bio 

Ümit Demirbaga is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Health Data Science in the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge, UK. He is also a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL- EBI), UK, a world-leading bioinformatics centre with expertise in data storage, analysis and representation that provides biological data to the scientific community. He received his BSc degree in Electronic and Computer Education Department from Marmara University, Türkiye, in 2011, and his MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Newcastle University, UK, in 2017 and 2021, respectively. His research interests are mainly in the areas of big data analytics, cloud computing, distributed systems, and healthcare data analytics. Dr Demirbaga was awarded the Colin Graham Outstanding Performance Award with Best Team Project Award in his MSc in 2017 and received the 2022 IEEE TCSC Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award.

He won a full scholarship from the Ministry of National Education of Türkiye for both MSc and PhD studies in the UK. 

Contact Information

Department of Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ.